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The strategic planning process included a diverse group of stakeholders - administrators, faculty, staff, Board of Education, Parent Teacher Union, students and parents. Development of this plan will guide us and ensure that the mission statement is being carried out effectively.

Bishop Brossart is a Catholic High School that encourages students to embrace the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ in order to mature spiritually, advance academically, develop physically, and foster the spirit of Charity First.

The goals and objectives of our strategic plan will provide our roadmap which provides direction, accountability and measures of achievement. B...Engaged, B...Bold, B...Leaders, B...Ready, B...BROSSART. We invite our entire community to embrace our vision.

Bishop Brossart High School, Kentucky, Mustangs, Alexandria

Bishop Brossart High School is committed to offering opportunities that provide students pathways to be involved in a variety of programs fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing students’ sense of Catholic community.
  • Expand opportunities for all students to be active participants based on their interest
  • Develop student-centered activities that highlight a commitment to community
  • Provide activities that enhance classroom learning and promote real-life experiences

Bishop Brossart High School will continue to be innovative and progressive challenging all to build a culture of 21st century learners and to be builders of the future.
  • Commit financial resources to enhance facilities that provide experiential activities meeting students needs
  • Develop a financial plan that provides possibilities for a Catholic education
  • Provide technology resources that support global learners and digital citizens
  • Engage the Mustang community to promote the value of a BBHS education

Bishop Brossart High School will prepare students to be leaders for life, leaders of our faith, to be successful in the classroom, in competitive events, and in the community.
  • Facilitate student driven activities that positively impact the community
  • Promote the tenets of our faith, character and sportsmanship
  • Nurture the understanding that leadership includes ownership in studies, extracurriculars and responsibility representing Bishop Brossart
  • Provide spiritual leadership development opportunities

Bishop Brossart High School will prepare students who are globally competent and contributing citizens with strong Catholic values.
  • Infuse Catholic teachings in all areas of curriculum
  • Evaluate and elevate course offerings and experiences to provide up to date curriculum
  • Engage in community experiences in giving of time, talent and treasure develop the whole student


B...remarkable, original, confident, unique, honest, reliable, accepting, calm, responsible, respectful, open, helpful, amazing, exciting, kind, caring, fun, successful, giving, authentic, determined, charismatic, remarkable, reachable, strong, dedicated, different, organized, creative, happy, friendly, prayerful, serving, empowering, Christ centered

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