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President     Denise Burwig 
Vice-President     Lisa Cropenbaker
Treasurer     Lori Wolfzorn
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December 2017
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Mustang Monthly Winners

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Mustang Monthlies. 2017-18     

January Winners - $50 each:  Holly Cetrulo, Charmaine Nienaber, Helen Schirmer,
                       Tom Munninghoff
            $25 each:  Mike & Shelly Braun, Mary Lauer, Brian Griffin, Lucy Reeder,
                        Jerry & Susan Schmidt, Nancy Vogel  

December Winners - $25 each;  Tim & Kim Harden, Jerry & Laverne Neltner, Missy Hickman,
                 Alvin Schack, Janet & Chuck Parnell, and Becki Cross.

November Winners - $25 each: Debbie Feinauer, Jack & Betty Moore, Ron Verst,
                 Marianne Twehues, Brian Griffin, Bonnie Keller

October Winners - $525:  Holly Cetrulo
$50 each:  Theresa Schalk, Judy Schilling, John & Loree Rolf, Anita Beck
$25 each:  Theresa Snodgrass, Tom & Judy Geiman, Jean Kremer, Rob Braun,
                 Ruth & Marty Schadler, Rick Schirmer
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