"Charity First"
You can help Brossart while just doing your everyday shopping.  

... If you shop at Kroger's, please see below for information on registering your card for the 16-17 school year.  Thank you for linking your Kroger Plus Card to Bishop Brossart High School!  Each year in April Kroger asks all supporters to re-enroll their Kroger Plus Cards.  It’s that time!  Please know that while Bishop Brossart High School earns money from your shopping you keep all points earned.  The only way for Bishop Brossart High School to benefit from this program is by our families linking their cards. Anyone can do this – parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and neighbors!  Kroger enrollment officially opened April 1, 2016.  All supporters who registered prior to April 1, 2016 must re-enroll online or enroll for the first time to continue supporting Bishop Brossart High School.  Enrolling or re-enrolling only takes a few moments.  Please visit www.krogercommunityrewards.com and login or create an account using your Kroger Plus Card Number.  Community Rewards Information for Bishop Brossart High School is NPO # 80097 or you can type in Bishop Brossart High School.  Once enrolled just shop at Kroger and they will donate a portion of your shopping trip to Bishop Brossart High School.  If you need assistance with your online account, please call the Kroger Community Rewards Tech Team at 1-866-221-4141.  Thank you for your support of the students and family of Bishop Brossart High School!

AMAZON... Bishop Brossart is now a Amazon.com Associate. If you shop Amazon through our link we will receive advertising fees for your purchases just by you going through our link. Use the following link and save it in your favorites for each time you shop Amazon and help Bishop Brossart at the same time!  Amazon Link 

SCRIPS + GIFT LIST = $$$ FOR BBHS...  You can help BBHS while you are doing your shopping. It just takes a little planning.  You can use the gift certificates as gifts, or use them when doing your everyday shopping.   You can send orders to school by filling out an Order Form or email or call Pat Bremke at 859-380-8572 or pbremke55@gmail.com.   The order form shows popular and local businesses or for a complete list of gift cards available you can go to their website at http://www.glscrip.com/     Thank you for your continued support of Bishop Brossart High School! The SCRIPS program is available all year. 

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