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  Bishop Brossart High School would like to announce the plans for the Class of 2020 Hall of Fame banquet. 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we postponed our Hall of Fame banquet back in March. 
The Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 18th.  Cocktail hour begins at 6:00 p.m. and the induction begins around 7:00 p.m. in the Seither Center.  Cost is $30 per person.  
Please contact Ann Greely at agreely@bishopbrossart.org to make a reservation.  
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tony Harden at tharden@bishopbrossart.org or call the school office at 859-635-2108 ext. 7704.

We again congratulate the members of the Class of 2020:
Jennifer Hartig Carver ‘01
Brad Dunlevy ‘92
Barb Kohls
Nathan Mutsch ‘07
Jacob Rieger ‘10
Diana Simon ‘84
Tom Seither Service Award - Ronald Heiert ‘66
Team of Distinction - 2007 Football Team

Eligibility Requirements for Induction

Bishop Brossart High School wishes to recognize outstanding individuals who participated in or who served as a valuable support of the Bishop Brossart/ St. Mary (hereafter BBHS) interscholastic athletic programs by induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

To be considered for selection, a nominee must meet the following general requirements of eligibility.

1) Must have been a former student athlete or coach in good standing

2) Student Athlete must be a graduate of BBHS and coaches must have coached at  BBHS for a minimum of five years.

3) Must have had two years of varsity team participation.

4) Must have made a noteworthy contribution to the athletic program while participating in the program.

5) Must be at least ten years removed from graduation.

6) Must have exemplified the character and integrity of a valued member of the BBHS community during their time at the school and acted in a manner consistent with the Catholic values and teachings of the school.

7) A special category for non­athletes including but not limited to, coaches, athletic directors, trainers, boosters or others closely associated the BBHS athletic programs for a period of five or more years, are also eligible. Criteria for such candidates will be viewed on a case by case basis as deemed appropriate by the Selection Committee. Such criteria must be clearly articulated and be consistent with criteria #6 above.

8) A special award which could be given to either a graduate or for a non­graduate is the Thomas Seither Service Award. The criteria for the Thomas Seither Service Award are below.

Nominating Procedure

Nominations may be made at any time simply by submitting the nomination form to the BBHS Athletic Director. The nomination should include rationale consistent with the requirements. The nominations can be made at any time. The selection committee reserves the right to set a specific date for the acceptance of nominations for any particular year.

Tom Seither Service Award

This award is to be given to a person who had demonstrated his/her commitment to their community and to the family values that Bishop Brossart High School strives to impart to its students.

It is with humble respect, an honor and privilege, and a sense of pride that the Bishop Brossart Hall of Fame Committee has chosen to honor this great leader by naming their Community Service Award in honor of Mr. Thomas Seither.

Team of Distinction

This award will be given to a team that has won a state championship or represented BBHS in an outstanding way. One team will be recognized per year.

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Katie Schwegmann ‘01
Greg Schwegmann ‘70
Nathan Seiter ‘98
Shannon Horan Schumacher ‘94
DeAnne Schroder Kiefer ‘88
Mark Bertram ‘85 

Thomas Seither Community Service Award

Thomas Seither

Team of Distinction
1966 Baseball Team

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Craig Bertsch ‘92
Joe Clark ‘66
Camey Geiman Eberhard ‘99
Dave Schuh
Justin Seiter ‘00
Sandy Bezold Windgasson ‘90

Thomas Seither Community Service Award
Edwin Schultz ‘62

Team of Distinction
1972 Boys Cross Country Team

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Brian Ficker ‘75
Scott McGrath ‘91
Margaret Plattner ‘78
Lisa Geiman Resing ‘95
Tom Saelinger ‘85
Debbie Scheibly Sublett ‘89

Thomas Seither Community Service Award
Tom Holtz ‘65

Team of Distinction
1997 Girl’s Track Team

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Evan McDole '05
Steve McGrath '83
Roger Keller Jr. '88
Lindsey Sendlebach '03
Cindy Rust Beck '80
Amy Ryan Pass '98

Thomas Seither Community Service Award

Original Members of Development Committee Team of Distinction
2000 Boys Basketball Team


2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Janet Bertsch Ampfer ‘88
Dave Farwick ‘75
Clint Kohls ‘05
Kristen Clark Listerman ‘94
Jon Lloyd ‘01
Cindy Holtz Planeaux ‘89  

Thomas Seither Community Service Award
Dave Schabell ‘65  

Team of Distinction
1998 Girls State Champion Softball Team

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Mark Cuthrell '76
Jason Cooper '05
Mandy Elam Finke '97
Theresa Woeste Guard '87
Megan Uebel Price '02
Troy Cooper '07

Thomas Seither Community Service Award 
Judy Kelley '59
Mary Ann McGrath   

Team of Distinction 
1991 Cross Country Team

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Mike Guidugli
Kim Haubner '91
Matt Pleiman '96
Cara Kopp Schultz '99
Jenna Rauch Verst '92
Jimmy Uebel '07

Thomas Seither Community Service Award
Larry '56 & Doris '56 Bertram

Team of Distinction
1955-56 Boys Basketball Team

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

Joe Guidugli ‘97
Missy Munninghoff Hickman ‘91
John Kuper ‘86
Katie Neiser ‘09
Brenda Simon Niehaus ‘83 
Willie Schlarman

Tom Seither Community Service Award
Tom Munninghoff

Team of Distinction 
1999 All A State Champion Girls’ Basketball.


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