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Michel Neltner Scholarship Winners Announced for 2020-21
Posted By:  Sherrie Foppe
Monday, April 27, 2020

During the past weeks, the Michael C. Neltner Scholarship Selection Committee
reviewed 103 (One Hundred Three) applications from students representing
Bishop Brossart’s four district grade schools, as well as, entries from the present
BBHS student body.  Included in the applications were the optional
recommendations from the student’s respective principal and the student’s
personal essay entitled ”What Bishop Brossart High School Means To Me.”   

SIX scholarships (a minimum of $1,500 each) are awarded to the winners for
the 2020-21 school year at Bishop Brossart High School.  The awards include: 
ONE each to a student  from St. Philip and Sts. Peter & Paul Grade Schools,
and the remaining FOUR  presented to students of Bishop Brossart
AND/OR incoming freshmen.  Winners are:  
St. Philip School                                  JORDYN JONES               
Sts. Peter & Paul School                    DANIEL SCHMIDT             
St. Joseph School                                BRENNAN CALLAHAN    
Bishop Brossart High School            LYDIA HAUBNER              
Bishop Brossart High School            KATIE BROERING            
St. Joseph School                                WILL HERGET                   

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