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McGarr, Orth & Seiter Scholarships Awarded for 2020-21
Posted By:  Sherrie Foppe
Monday, April 27, 2020

Bishop Brossart High School and the Jack & Pat McGarr Family are pleased to
announce the following winners of the Jack & Pat McGarr Memorial Scholarship
for the school year of 2020-21.   The winners are….  
ALLISON GEBAUER, Class of 2021             Sts. Peter & Paul Parish                                
ALEC HETTERICK, Class of 2022                 St. Joseph Parish  
NATALIE NELTNER, Class of 2023              St. Philip Parish  
SARAH SMITH, Class of 2022                      St. Mary Parish  
DANIEL WILLIAMSON, Class of 2022         Sts. Peter & Paul Parish  
Each recipient will receive a $1,000.00 tuition assistance award as a result
of their application essay and outstanding qualifications and recommendations. 

Bishop Brossart High School and the Orth, Luschek, and Elfers
families are pleased to announce the following winners of the
Mitchell Orth Memorial Scholarship for 2020-21.  Each recipient
will receive a $1,000 tuition assistance award.    
CORALYNN BERTSCH                   BBBHS  (Freshman)                                       
MATTHEW CALLAHAN                 BBHS  (Junior) 
ALEXIS KAEFF                                 BBHS (Sophomore)   
RHIANNON STUBBS                     BBHS (Junior)    
ALEX TATUSKO                              BBHS  (Junior)                                                 
Winners were selected based on their personal application, essay, and recommendations.     

Bishop Brossart High School is pleased and honored to announce the following
winners of the 15th Annual Nathan Seiter Memorial Scholarship Award.  
Each student will receive a $1,000 Tuition Assistance Grant.
Winners include…  
JADEN BUTTS, Freshman                               St. Philip Parish  
MITCHELL COMBS, Sophomore                   Sts. Peter & Paul Parish                                    
ETHAN CROSS, Junior                                     St. Mary Parish             
MARY HOLTZ, Freshman                                Sts. Peter & Paul Parish  
KYLIE SANSOM, Sophomore                          Sts. Peter & Paul Parish                                                                        
The scholarship was established in May 2005 in memory of Mr. NATHAN SEITER
who died on November 30, 2004.  His extraordinary life focused on his family,
faith, friends, and love for sports and the outdoors.  His all-time leading scorer
status in basketball and remarkable baseball records will be respected for years
to come at Bishop Brossart.     

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