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Bishop Brossart High School Names New Addition
Posted By:  Sherrie Foppe
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blog, news, BBHS, bishop brossartApril 26, 2016 – Bishop Brossart High School proudly announces their newest addition is now known as the Wilfred H. Neltner Center.  The Most Reverend Bishop Roger Foys, the Bishop of the Diocese of Covington, was present at the announcement yesterday morning.    The Wilfred H. Neltner Center is the $8.3 million addition Bishop Brossart High School completed in the summer of 2014 and dedicated on September 23, 2014.  The Neltner Center includes the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, the Munninghoff Family Performing Arts Center, library, administrative offices, a career and college counseling center, music and art facilities, as well as many other upgrades.   The Neltner Center is named after Wilfred H. Neltner of Cold Spring, Kentucky.  Mr. Neltner, who passed away December 9, 2015, was a member of St. Joseph Parish in Cold Spring and a strong believer in Catholic education.  Mr. Neltner was born on October 6, 1923 to William and Elizabeth Neltner.  He was a veteran who served in the Marines during World War II.  Mr. Neltner teamed with his brother, Mr. Anthony Neltner, and started Neltner Oil in Newport, Kentucky.  Later, they partnered in Kentucky Motor Service and KOI Auto Parts.  In 2008, Mr. Neltner gave a gift to St. Joseph School’s Educational Endowment.  In 2009, he made his first gift to Bishop Brossart High School.  He followed with additional gifts to assist Bishop Brossart and St. Joseph School.  The only stipulation he made was no one was to know who had given these gifts until after his death.    Bishop Brossart High School extends our deepest gratitude to Mr. Neltner and his entire family for his very generous gifts to support Catholic education.  Without these gifts we would not have the beautiful facility we now call the Wilfred H. Neltner Center.

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