3/26       BELIEVE at 7 PM
3/28       E-Recycling Fundraiser

             2015 Hall of Fame
4/1        Stations of the Cross
             Private Transportation
4/2        No School - Holy Thursday
4/3        No School - Good Friday


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E-Recycling Event
2015 Hall of Fame

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The Athletic Dead Period for the upcoming summer is from
Monday, June 22nd through July 12th inclusive

The KHSAA required down time is June 25 - July 9.  The Diocese of Covington has extended the dead period for all diocesan schools to allow for 3 full weeks during the summer

Regulations regarding the Dead Period: Students may not receive coaching or training from school personnel (either salaried or non salaried) and school facilities, uniforms, nicknames, transportation or equipment shall not be used each year in any KHSAA sanctioned sport or sport-activity during the period beginning with June 22, and going through July 12. School funds may not be expended in support of interscholastic athletics in any KHSAA sanctioned sport during this period. These restrictions shall not apply to postseason wrap-up activities, celebrations and recognition events relating to a spring sports team at a school which participated in KHSAA state championship play in that particular sport during that particular year.

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KIP Survey for Sophomores and Seniors
The Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health with the support of the Governorís Office of Drug Control Policy and the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and participating school districts jointly sponsor this statewide student survey to assess the extent of alcohol, drug, and tobacco use among students throughout Kentucky in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12, and to evaluate the impact of prevention efforts aimed at reducing substance use.
KIP Parent Notification
KIP Fact Sheet

Large Family District Discount Application
2015-16 Financial Aid Information Available
We are now partnering with FACTS to administer the Financial Aid applications and assessment. By doing this we have our Tuition Payment program and Financial Aid program all in one convenient place. If you have questions or concerns please contact Mr. Braun at 635-2108.
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